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What is reflexology

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What is reflexology?

The body often experiences the state of imbalance after an injury or illness. This is because energy pathways become blocked, thereby preventing body organs from effective functioning. And this is exactly what reflexology targets.

Having its roots traced from the ancient Egyptian and Chinese civilizations, reflexology is an ancient art of massage used for maintaining healthy body balance. This is a massage that functions more like a treatment.

It is primarily based on the principle of applied pressure and that the body’s anatomy is reflected through reflex-zones on the feet, ears and hands. During the treatment, pressure is applied on the feet, ears and hands that map the central nervous system to the corresponding body parts.

Applied pressure with precision helps stimulate energy movement, allowing the body to de-stress and relax while encouraging natural healing and restoring the natural equilibrium of the body.


What is the Process?

The reflexologist applies pressure to the reflex points of the client using different techniques like finger and thumb walking, rotation on the reflex point, hooking in and then up and alternating pressure. Some practitioners of reflexology also use items like rubber bands, wooden sticks and rubber balls to perform this treatment.

Generally, this method for restoring body balance is considered safe. However, in some cases, due to vigorous pressure, it may cause discomfort. Therefore, to ensure that the treatment is comfortable and relaxing, visit Amazing Feet. We have a team of experienced, well-trained and highly-skilled reflexology massage therapists who can provide you the best reflexology treatment with comfort and ensuring complete body relaxation.