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Foot and Back Massage combo

Side view of a woman being massaged

Foot and Back Massage combo

The Best Foot & Body Massage in
West Palm Beach

With our combination foot and back massage in West
Palm Beach, you can revel in the best of both worlds.

Grand Opening Prices

60 Minutes

Combo Massage | $50

Delight in the two-fold attention given
to sore, fatigued limbs and embrace the overflowing vitality that follows with
this session.

40 Minutes

Combo Massage | $40

Immerse yourself in tranquility and
discover that in a little over a half an hour, that your stress, muscle tension, and weariness is relieved.

90 Minutes

Combo Massage | $80

Looking for an amazingly thorough experience? If you have the time, why not let our mediative atmosphere give you some well-deserved headspace while dexterous fingers attend to every troubled muscle and rejuvenate you to unprecedented heights.